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VooDoo Tactical®
1Uses world-class super bright Luminus SST-90 LED2120lm(46h)-600lm(9h30min)-2000lm(1h50min); 3Reach up to 720meters by throwing the parallel beams in maximum4With 7800mAh 74v 18650 rechargeable battery , can also be used in SR90/91/92 with a perfect compatibility5Hollow out structure in the head part reduces its weight by 30% than that of traditional sealed packet design6The hallow out structures own twice cooling surface area than that of solid design 7Lens : Tough ultra-clear tempering glass, with anti-reflective coating8The large square surface texture in tube body can increase the friction between palm and body tube918mm diameter big button, makes it easy to operate the light10Lock out function with patent applied
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